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Corporate Insurance

Fire Policy

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One policy covering destruction or damage to insured property


Properties that are covered:

All moveable/ immoveable properties of the proposer on land (excluding those in transit) broadly categorised as follows :

Special types of Policies available for Stocks

Declaration Policy
Floater Policy:

Perils Covered:

Expenses Covered:

The policy automatically covers the following expenses incurred following loss / damage / destruction of a covered property as a result of the operation of an insured peril.

Exclusions Applicable:

Losses/ Expenses not covered:

Perils not covered:

Location of Risk:

Period of Coverage:

Who can take the policy?

Any person / firm / organisation / institution who may suffer financial loss in the event of operation of insurable perils may insure such property under the fire policy. They may be broadly categorised as under :

Add on covers

In addition to the perils/ expenses covered, the proposer can opt to seek cover in respect of the following perils/ expenses at inception or during currency of the policy on payment of additional premium :


Loss/ damage/ destruction of the property caused by:


How to select the sum insured?

How to claim?

If a misfortune befalls, please:

Documents required by insurer for processing the claim:

Common Documents for all claims under a Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy:

Note : Policy details given are indicative, not exhaustive. Please contact your nearest Arunaya office for further details.