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About Us

Since its creation Arunaya Insurance Brokers has consciously chosen to be different from the rest of the broking industry. We are a professional Life and General Insurance Broker. We operate as a specialist in our areas with professionals handling the assignments. Our success is client satisfaction.

Through the success of this business philosophy, we strive to grow with our clients to become one of the world's leading international insurance and reinsurance brokers.We are proud to have a team of professionals who have decades of experience in different areas of Insurance, Reinsurance and Risk Management out of different parts of the Globe.We are committed to our service standards.

We are a new entrant to the market and we understand that we do not have an option to relax our service levels. Customer service and Customer centricity are our approach to business. Our USP as a firm is a platform for creativity and innovation in its work with clients

Our Vision

To be the First Choice for Customers.

To be the Preferred Employer for Staff in the Industry.

To be the Best Brand in the Market.

To be the Number One for creating Shareholder Value.

Our Mission

As a responsible, customer focused company, we will strive to understand the needs of the customer and translate it into affordable service that deliver value for money.